About us

We cater to our customers and provide a solution that meets their needs. When you are ready to get started, we are here to help.

Commercial lines are an increasing source of revenue for most insurance brokerages but it can get complicated to manage. Therefore, having a commercial management solution can make the process more efficient and increase profits.

G4Broker’s vision towards creating a commercial management software is simple. We want to provide an intuitive system that is affordable to small and mid-sized brokerages.

A lot of existing systems in the Canadian markets are just un-affordable for most insurance brokerages and require a lot of expensive training.

At G4broker, we believe that scaling your brokerage should not cost you tens and thousands of dollars. We believe in providing exceptional product and service at the most reasonable price.

In the near future, we want to transfer data directly to the commercial insurers. This will eliminate double entry work and enable real time rating directly at the point of sale.